Campin' For Cans Day 5

Now day 5 (friday) arrives here at the campsite and I have calculated with physical donations and t shirt sales I have enough food to fill 16 pallets, but 22 are needed to fill the truck before I leave. I hope to see you today or this weekend to help me achieve my annual goal. Also, I wanted to hold a bike rally on Saturday, but now it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate. Instead, myself along with the Shiloh Riders MC in invite riders and anyone else to come by car at 1pm and hang out. They have challenged all riders to match their pledges up to one thousand dollars.

Campin' For Cans Day 3

Well here it is day 3 already and I have less than a half truckload of food. Lots of folks are buying up the Mount Rushmore shirts for $20. Proceeds from each shirt feed a family of 4 for a week. I also have the 2011 Rockbabe calendars   and Ultimate rock Babe Heather posters (all free). Several listeners have also issued challenges:
Dragon H.O.G chapter to other chapters
Taxi drivers
Delivery drivers

Campin' For Cans

Well it's day 2 of this years C4C. Day one was pretty good, but I have a long way to go to fill this tractor trailer. Forecast is for nasty storms, so today will probably be slow. Hope to see you here before I leave! See more details on how you can help on the home page. Thanks very much to those who have stopped by so far. Also, check me out on facebook, Billy Kidd Wimz


I DID IT!!!!!! Yes Folks after 10 long years of being without cable...I now have over 200 channels and nothing will be getting done at my house from now on!!! Dishes...what dishes I'm watching TLC, AMC, or Soap Net.....Really the main reason for this is because I missed my red headed freak that is now on TBS! Sorry Knology sales rep....your cute but not that cute.

Bruce Pearl suspended

Presidential Dream

Attention Beatles fans!

Free Lunch on Veterans Day!

Join WIMZ at Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson in Maryville Thursday Nov 11 for a free BBQ lunch for veterans  and live music from 11-2. There will also be a brief ceremony honoring our fine military. I hope to see you there!

State Parks Veteran Benefits

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