14th Amendment: Is birthright citizenship really in the Constitution?

By Peter Grier Wed Aug 11, 5:14 pm ET Washington – Is "birthright citizenship" – the policy of granting US citizenship to every child born on national soil – really enshrined in the US Constitution? Some experts believe it isn’t. Congress, they say, could regulate who qualifies for birthright citizenship via legislation, within limits. Lawmakers might deny it to children born in the US to illegal immigrants, for example.

VH's Dance the Night Away on Santana's New Album

Carlos Santana announced a while back that his upcoming covers album called "Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time," which arrives September 21st, will include the Van Halen classic “Dance The Night Away” sung by Train’s Pat Monahan. If you’re wondering how that cover will sound, here’s Train performing “Dance The Night Away” accompanied by Butch Walker in Westbury, NY this year:

Classic Rock Quiz - August 6th

Ted Nugent's first solo album is "Motor City Madman." This album was released in 1975 following the breakup of his former group. What was the name of his former group? Answer: The Amboy Dukes

Led Zep's Robert Plant Comments on Reunion Show

Although he defiantly refuses to ever do it again, Robert Plant says that Led Zeppelin's 2007 reunion show at London's O2 Arena was the band's best performance since 1975. Plant has been busy with his latest group, the folksy Band Of Joy.

The Knox County Highway Dept. is Rockin' on the Job

A shout out or Mark Ray workin' hard at the Knox County Highway Department. He won the WIMZ Workforce Invasion from Panera Bread. Thanks for listening!

Ozzy Tired of Metal?

Ozzy Osbourne told VH1 that he'd like to make some records outside the heavy metal like what genre I'm wondering? Ozzy does Sinatra?

Bret Michaels and a Bunch of Babes

I predict another stroke in his future....Bret Michaels will team up with Today's Natalie Morales later this month to host the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant.

Classic Rock Quiz - August 5th

Tawny Kitaen is celebrating her 49th birthday today. She is best know for appearing in several music videos for what band? Answer: Whitesnake

Aerosmith-Not again!

Aerosmith's Joe Perry is once again unhappy with Steven Tyler -- this time for supposedly agreeing to host on American Idol. Talk about drama, in this case I think Joe Perry should chill out. Steven Tyler is putting Aerosmith front and center on one of the most watched TV shows in the country. How can that be a bad thing for Aerosmith?


Well the topic was brought up durning Billy's Show about 50 year old women being "Cougars" Older Women who date younger men. I was not for sure if that term was correct so I look into this a little more and this is what I found. A Puma is- A woman in her 30’s (They use to be called C.I.T’s… Cougars In Training) A Cougar is- A woman in her 40’s interested in dating or sleeping with men 10+ years younger then her A Jaguar is- A woman in her 50’s interested in dating or sleeping with men 10 years or more her junior
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