2011 East Tennessee Toy Run


Hey EveryoneCongratulations Everyone!  We did it with all the help from Shiloh Members, WIMZ, family members, friends, neighbors and the many volunteers that help us.  Thanks to the many riders that help support the Shiloh Riders give back to the community at Christmas. Thank you for participating in yesterday's Event, both at the Stadium and Smoky Mountain H-D. Here are some of the results from our 20th Annual East Tennessee Toy Run: Gate sales at the Smokies Stadium were up over last year...Auction sales also were up over last year's auction results... Donations were down slightly...T-shirt sales also were down compared to last year and Sue and I believe it was due to the very late arriving crowd at the Stadium, even though we still were selling t-shirts at SMHD.....Our pre registrations were up over last year...How many bikes did we have??? What do you think?? I certainly know we had more then last year..I heard many different numbers yesterday, but I believe there were over 1500 bikes!