2nd Harvest can't accept food. Needs money

Flood destroys 
many supplies at 
Second Harvest 
Food Bank

1:06 AM, Mar 1, 2011  |  comments

Flood waters have destroyed many 
food supplies at Second Harvest Food 
Bank.  Food banks will not get their 
deliveries this week.

Nearly two feet of water seeped into the 
organization's warehouse located on 
Delaware Avenue in North Knoxville.  The 
warehouse houses 5 offices, a freezer and 
all of the food the non-profit organization 
gives away.

"We all began to panic and moved 
everything we could.  But, it's been a really 
devastating thing.  We have six employees 
who were out in our trucks whose 
were totally underwater.  Half of our trucks 
were under water," said Elaine Streno, E
xecutive Director at Second Harvest Food 

Electricity has been shut off to the 
warehouse.  Water continues to drain out of 
the facility.  Management plans to 
reevaluate the damage on Tuesday.

"We know we're going to have to close for a 
week.  So our agencies won't be able to 
come here.  Maybe some of our 
trucks will 
get out to our 18 county service area, but 
we've got a lot of work to do," said Streno.

Streno said Second Harvest does have 
insurance. She hopes it pays for much of 
the clean-up.

"We're going to need monetary 
help.  That's a given to get our trucks back 
up and running," she said.

You can donate to Second Harvest online or 
by mail.  
Donation information can be 
found on 
their website.

With six major programs and 500 
Agency/Food Partners, Second Harvest 
Food Bank of East Tennessee serves 
approximately 158,000 people each 

Statement by Elaine Streno, Executive