Back to School Thought of the Day

Our Kids return to school this week, and a lot of parents will send them off with backpacks stuffed full with more than pencils, paper, and glue sticks. Is this a parents responsibility to go buy cleaning wipes, copy paper, toilet paper, garbage bags, or liquid soap??? Really??? Well its seems every year the kids list for school just gets longer and longer and full of more things that should be covered by our school districts. I have two in middle school this year and just to get the things on their supply list was well over 100 bucks and that does not include new clothes or shoes or new backpacks this is just for the list from the school. I already live pay check to pay check and still end up short. KUB wants an arm and leg and I almost have to give it to them. Bill collectors call day and night. I have held on to my car by the skin of my teeth and having to sell anything I have with a vaule of more then a few bucks. So when a list comes out I sit and wonder where in the world I am going to come up with the money to get the things on this list. Funny how our President campaigned so much about education this and education that and yet can not even get our schools enough money to keep these supply lists from dipping into our pockets! I mean really doesn't the government dip into our pockets already enough as it is? Even with a tax free weekend to get a slight discount is not enough! The way school supply lists are growing, I wonder if next year they will ask us to bring desks for our kids.