Billy Kidd's Christmas Wish

Hey friends it's Billy Kidd. Once again this year as part of the Billy Kidd Project, I am asking listeners to send in a story about one of our fellow East Tennesseans in need. It's Billy Kidd's Christmas Wish. If you, or someone you know, are in need of assistance this Christmas, let me know and I will do my best to help. Send me an email to or call me between 2 and 5:30 pm at 656-ROCK (7625) or ROLL (7655). With the help of caring people in our area, I have been able to fulfill wishes for several of our neighbors. Merry Christmas!!!

Here are a few people that have helped or been helped so far.

This fellas name is Bobnoxious. He has an inoperable tumor on the right side of his brain making it impossible for him to hold down a regular job. He has no family to take care of him, lives year round in a tent in Powell with no electricity or running water.

His source of income is picking up cans and making and selling walking sticks. The one in the picture was his personal one and he wanted me to have it. He has a great outlook on life and refuses handouts, although he does appreciate anyone who supports him by purchasing one of his walking sticks.

He brought me his stick and $300 to help a family in need for the Billy Kidd Project Christmas Wish. WOW!!!

This is Shannon Bradley. He donated this wheelchair for the 16 year old girl who has MS, is blind and cannot speak. Thanks man, God Bless you!

Tina got $100 for Toys!

This is Tracy and children and grandchildren who requested winter shoes. Larry Hardison, retired Vietnam Vet, donated $200!

This retired Air Force Vet asked for a leather jacket and some assistance for his 15 year old who otherwise would get nothing this year. He also received $50, compliments of Larry Hardison once again.