Here's another Christmas wish sent to me

This is an email sent to me from one of my church members who owns a non profit that connects people in need with resources that might help them get back on their feet.  I'm reaching out to everybody I come in contact with to help this soldier and his mother.  They give us so much year round can we try and put this information out there to get them some help?????  
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Keira, I have another situation that I want to request prayers for.   My 
best friend from second grade, Regina Evans, has one son, Cody Evans.  Cody 
is a Marine and was stationed in Afghanistan and on Thursday last week 
stepped on a land mine.  He lost one leg from the hip and another from the 
knee, lost some fingers, broken wrist and some broken fingers and burns. 
 Finally, today he was transported to Maryland and his mother is now with 
him.  She had to take a 3 month UNPAID leave of absence from her job. 
  These are poor people.  If people do not help there will not be a home to 
come back to.  We are very thankful that Cody has survived this horrific 
event and know that God was and is looking after him.  I have set up a p.o. 
box for cards, letters and donations.  Would you please assist me with 
getting him on prayer list etc.   Everything may be sent to:  Regina and/or 
Cody Evans, c/o Tammy Greene, P.O. BOX 3475, Morristown, TN  37815.    It 
has been on WBIR, WATE, WVLT and Knox News Sentinel.    We need every prayer 
we can get for this young man and his family.   I appreciate any assistance 
you can give.  We have set up a FB page:  Prayers for Cody Evans - please 
join if you are on FB. Thanks!

Thank you so much!  Tammy

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> Good Morning Tammy,
> Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family!  I
>will look forward to meeting you in the future.
> Keira