NFL Falls Short Again

Ray Rice was suspended for two games last Friday for his assault on his fiancee. He and his fiancee were arrested for the incident, but the video from the incident is chilling to say the least. It captures Ray Rice dragging his fiancee from the elevator as she is unconscious after a "fight" that occurred between the two. Rice has shown remorse in interviews since the incident, however what occurred still occurred. 

The NFL was left to make a decision about the future of this player. A suspension seemed to be in order no matter what the case was. However, the two game suspension left many to question the league. 

The NFL has a fanbase that seems to have a sort of blind allegiance to the league. In many ways, the NFL has the ability to do what it wants with no repercussions. However, the NFL has some explaining to do in my mind on this one. 

Terrelle Pryor received a five game suspension for his involvement in the scandal at Ohio State. Josh Gordon was suspended for a year for smoking marijuana. The NFL once suspended Travis Jones, defensive line coach for the New Orleans Saints at the time, for 30 days over a real estate scam. What do all of these suspensions have in common? None of them involved physical violence to someone off the field. Ray Rice's domestic assault incident warranted a two game suspension.

This means, in the mind of the NFL that domestic assault is less egregious than trading memorabilia for tattoos, smoking cannabis, or being involved in a real estate scam. None of which seems to jive with my own thoughts on the subject. The fight that appeared to have gone before their exit from the elevator left his fiancee unconscious. A slap in the face is not going to leave her like that - not that I support that either. 

The league has some explaining to do on this in my mind. Suspensions should fit their crimes. In this case, the suspension is far too light for the crime. I don't know what the right answer is, but suspending a player for less than the league minimum for drug abuse is not it.