Oh, the villages of Canada and the Navy Seals

People ask me all the time, “where did you get the name Big R?” Well, after serving as a Navy Seal I embarked to the great Canadian north where I became a lumberjack. It was there that villagers dubbed me “Big R” because I stand as tall as the mighty forest.

I lived off the land, to survive, perfecting my ice fishing skills, and using my lightning fast hands to catch salmon in mid-air as they jumped from the cold Canadian waters. This rugged existence taught me the value of a quality set of tools.

Today, I use the skills I have learned to re-finish my basement, work on my motorcycle and play handyman around the house on the weekend. Basically, doing whatever the wife wants in order to keep the peace.

**Disclaimer: That stuff about being a Navy Seal and a lumberjack, the villagers, the ice fishing and surviving off the land is not so true. But I do host a radio show, I work refinishing my basement, I tinker with my motorcycle and I do have lightning fast hands.