STOP The Nelsons Anti-Bullying Rally

All Students & Teachers, Parents & Family Members are all invited to the   1st STOP The Nelsons Anti-Bullying & Cyber Bullying Rally set for Monday January 21st on Martin Luther King Day Hosted by 1035 WIMZ’s Night Show DJ Jay Mac. Come and go as you please from 3pm to 9pm. Live Music with 2 Local High School Garage Bands playing Positive Alternative Music & 2 Teen Acoustic Solo performances. Guest speakers will include adults and students sharing their own stories.

This event is designed to raise awareness to a growing epidemic of harassment in schools everywhere. The host will emphasize the shared responsibility for preventing bullying with in the community. Working together and involving our children and youth is an important part of identifying effective approaches for dealing with all the issues that surround bullying on both sides. Reaching out to the students that are bullied, and reaching out to the students who are bullying others. All of the children and young adults who are a part of any harassment are hurt on both sides.

                         STOP The Nelsons Anti-Bullying & Cyber Bullying Rally Will:

1. Raise Awareness

   2. Help To Understand Bullying

      3. Lead To Forgiveness & Healing

4. Teach Solutions For Prevention



Emerald Youth Foundation Gym

1718 N. Central Street, Knoxville, TN 37917