Van Halen Set List First Night of 2012 Tour

With the release of a new CD, it is expected that they would perform a few of their new tunes.  A pleasant surprise is a couple of songs from the past like "Romeo Delight" and a song that hasn't been played live since 1980, "Women in Love."

Here is the complete list:
"You Really Got Me"
"Runnin' With The Devil"
"She's The Woman"
"Romeo Delight"
"Everybody Wants Some!!"
"Somebody Get Me A Doctor"
"China Town"
"Mean Streets"
"Pretty Woman"
Drum Solo
"The Trouble With Never"
"Dance The Night Away"
"I'll Wait"
"Hot For Teacher"
"Women In Love"
"Outta Love Again"
"Beautiful Girls"
"Ice Cream Man"
Guitar Solo
"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"