Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson, who made up the core of Heart with her sister Ann, was born March 16th, 1954. Wilson was born in San Francisco, California.

Best known as the long time lead guitarist for Heart, Wilson spent the majority of her childhood in Seattle. From there, she would go on to join the band Heart with Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen. They mainly played rock cover songs in the Seattle/Vancouver area. Nancy would later go on to convince her older sister Ann to join the band where they found success.


In 1975, they released Dreamboat Annie which included the single "Magic Man." It was the band's first album. They would go on to produce 13 studio albums - 7 of which were certified platinum, 5 live albums, 9 compilation discs, 9 top ten singles, and sell over 30 million copies worldwide.

In celebration of Nancy Wilson's birthday, check out this live performance of "Barracuda" from Heart.