How to add a bike event

Here are the steps needed to add your upcoming event to the WIMZ website.

STEP 1 - Sign into the WIMZ Website as a Workforce Rocker or sign up to be a Workforce Rocker. You must be signed into the website in order to add a bike or community event. Sign in now. Register now.

STEP 2 - Now that you are signed into the website find the red navigation bar near the top of the page. Move your mouse pointer over the "Event" link but don't click the link. There will be a new option that will appear that says "Submit an event." Click on that one.

STEP 3 - Now all that remains is to enter in the information about your event and hit the submit button. This will send an email to our Webmaster Griz and he will approve and add your event to the WIMZ website. Please allow up to 24 hours for your event to appear at

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