Weekend Rockers

Satuday 6pm-10pm Sunday 11am-4pm
Hey folks! Keep your weekends rockin' with me Saturdays and Sundays on 103.5 WIMZ! "Octavius:" Mild-mannered Classic Rock DJ by day! "Octo-Man:" His alter-ego. Capable of anything crazy! Likes: BBQ Brisket, Van Halen (all forms), my beach hangout in SC, Conan O'Brien, and rockin' my favorite people; my listeners! Dislikes: PC's (Get a Mac!) and Ryan Seacrest - He hosts everything! My God, Seacrest! What are you compensating for? Live hard, walk hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big... and wear glasses if you need 'em!
Sunday: 9pm-12am