SportClips Sports Clip of the Week

SportClips® knows that guys love sports. They also know that guys have only a finite amount of space inside their heads to remember the batting average Kirk Gibson had in his 1988 season before hitting that famous homerun (.290). They also know that you can never see "The Catch" or the "Immaculate Reception" enough.

This is where SportClips® is here to help. Not only will they make sure you leave with an awesome haircut, they have sports on every television inside their establishment. So, in honor of their aptitude for sports, WIMZ is going to show their aptitude for sports. Check this page out every week for a new clip of a great moment in sports history. It could be Kirk Gibson's famous homerun ball. It could be Santonio Holmes' catch in the corner of the endzone. It could be Eruzione's miracle goal in 1980. It could be Laettner's buzzer beating shot. It could be a lot of things. That's why you need to check it out each week for a new sports clip.

In Super Bowl XLII, David Tyree goes up to catch a pass from Eli Manning and catches it against the crown of his helmet. Check it out in this week's SportClips Sport Clip of the Week.